Université de Bordeaux – Bordeaux, France

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Université de Bordeaux (UB)

Equipment :
AC magnetic susceptibility
SQUID magnetometry
Heat capacity
Near UV & visible reflectivity

Contact :
Mathieu Rouzières

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Expertise :
The Molecular Materials & Magnetism (M3) group from the Centre de Recherche Paul Pascal (CRPP – CNRS) is located on the Université de Bordeaux (UB) campus. Its work is focused on the synthesis and study of molecule-based materials exhibiting novel electronic and/or magnetic properties (such as charge or exciton transport properties or single molecule magnet or spin-crossover behavior) , as well as their processing into useful forms such as nanocomposites, liquid crystals, films or solutions.

The M3 group is has an expertise in the characterization of magnetic properties and in other related physical characterizations, such as reflectivity, resistivity and heat capacity measurements.

This expertise, which includes scientific (chemistry and physics) and technical issues, is pertinent to fundamental research or industry needs.